Tian Rotteveel

Tian Rotteveel (D/NL) is a Berlin based composer and performer. Studied music composition in the Netherlands (HKU & Royal Conservatory of the Hague) and dance and choreography in Germany (HZT Berlin). In his work he integrates sound and movement as one joined practice. Sound and movement in his work are both processes which can materialize into meaning but as well can materialize into mere sensation. In 2012 he made his debut in the dancemaking community with his solo SoulSqueezing combining both sound and movement in a singular movement practice using continuous “automatic” soulsinging, which offered a selfcomposing score both in sound as well in his physicality. Coming from a strict music composition background the ethical attitude of dance practices towards composition offered a whole different perspective on what composition could be. Tian has an ongoing collaboration with Claire Vivianne Sobottke, Diego Gil, Jeaning Durning, Igor Dobricic and Herman Heisig and has worked both as perfomer/composer with Tino Seghal, Martin Nachbar, Jeremy Wade, and still composes music for music ensembles.

Morning class 3, 4 march 9.30-11.00:

“Breath/bones/bass”: Composer/dancemaker Tian Rotteveel will provide an energetic inside to the practice of sound and rhythm, being the body the vehicle of both perceiving and producing of sound and rhythm, Inspired by principles of osho meditation, kundalini yoga and extended vocal techniques. 

Workshop 3,4 march 13-15:

“The listening effect” This workshop will be to inquire in activities following the odd-logic of sound in relation to the moving body. Exploring the self-composing effects of listening and that of making sound, wonder between concrete and abstract attractions of sound/music. Exploring music making attitudes for a dancing body.