Sukitoa O Namau

Sukitoa o Namau is a Moroccan experimental sound artist and researcher. Her background is rooted into contemporary dance, performing arts and visual arts. On her academic path in Performing Arts and Theater Studies, she centered her fields of study on the relations existing between Dance and Image in contemporary dance works. In 2012, she created her dance company UCHRONIE and broadened her research to the subject of Choreographical Thresholds and to a possible dance below and beyond the dancing body. She incorporated sound to her practice while directing a dance piece, Des fleurs pour Schrödinger, for which she composed and performed a soundtrack. From then on, she has been using sound as a medium to deepen her reflection about Thresholds through field recordings, processed sounds and electronics. Her live act is built upon a collection of field recordings, textures, processed sounds & rhythms, inspired by the friction of audio snapshots and the way they can assemble, resonate, break down, mutate, confront and resist each other. Sukitoa o Namau calls upon the incorporeal presence of the sounds she captured and lets them reveal or reflect images, experiences and questions at the center of her research. At the core of her work lies the idea of thresholds and how a cluster of fragments can morph into sonic matter, can open up spaces (and meanings) and operate on several levels of perception.

Artist talk/ Lecture Friday 6 th of march. Time:  11.15-12.45

During this meeting, Sukitoa o Namau will talk about her journey from contemporary dance to experimental music, explaining how her research on body and movement resonates with her sound practice. She will share some of the concepts connected to her investigation in performing arts and define how they keep feeding her current projects. She will in particular expand on Figures, how they manifest themselves on stage, how they exist or in other words, the nature of their presence, and how in some cases, they linger, defeat the eye, invade bodies and prevail over our perception in spectral, obsessive and challenging forms.


Sukitoa o Namau – Nari III – Day 3 @ Heroines of Sound Festival 2019 17 © Udo Siegfriedt 2019 – 1 
Sukitoa o Namau – Nari III – Day 3 @ Heroines of Sound Festival 2019 17 © Udo Siegfriedt 2019 – 5

Sukitoa o Namau – Live @ HCMF ___ credit _ Graham Hardy 1

Sukitoa o Namau – Field recording (Morocco)