At Danscentrum Syd we have a total of ten residencies a year four studio residencies (for national artists), four KID residencies for national artist with international guest and two KID residencies for an international artist.

International residency at Danscentrum Syd with Michael Tang, Lava Markusson and Alexander Montgomery, January 2019. Photo by Jeanette Thuresson


Autumn, winter and spring residencies are open to mainly swedish dance artists and summer residency is for members of Danscentrum Syd only.

The studio residencies apply free studio time in the middle studio (10 x 10,5 meter), equipped with sound system, lights, dance mat and mirrors. You also get the possibility of photography and to book technique from Teknikpoolen. In connection to the studio there is also wi-fi, kitchen, dressing rooms ans showers.
At the end of the residency period there is an open showing where the resident choreographers are sharing parts of their work in the form of work-in-progress and a short discussion.
Applications are made with a project description (not more than one A4) and a motivation letter (not more than one A4). Send your application to

Next opportunity: AUTUMN RESIDENCY 11/11 – 21/11 2019
Application is open 23/9 – 14/10
You will have an answer by 21/10
Open showing 21/11

KID – INTERNATIONAL DANCE PROGRAM MALMÖ (Swedish artist with international guest)

Four new international residencies are created this year in cooperation with Konstnärsnämnden, and imply that a Swedish artist can invite an international artist to work together. Both parts get payed through a scholarship during the work period and the travelling artist get travel and hotel expenses covered. Find more information about the application here! Application deadline: 12/9 2019 for residency period during spring 2020. Next application during winter/spring, for residencies during summer/autumn 2020.

Read more here.

KID residency with Nadi Gogoulou
Picture by Christine Brorsson

KID – INTERNATIONAL DANCE PROGRAM MALMÖ (for an international invited artist)

In addition to that we have two residencies for international artists (KID), with activities for our local artists to interact and get inspired. The artist is invited by Skånes Danskollegium. Read about previous KID residencies here.


During all residencies at Danscentrum Syd, daily training is open for free for the artist that is granted the residency, if this person doesn’t already have a term card. However, during the summer months there is no daily training.


2019 sommar // Nya Rörelsen/Khamlane Halsackda // Nidia Martinez Barbieri // Karin Bergman // Benjamin Lindh Medin
2019 vår // Philippe Jacques // Corrado Di Lorenzo and Emilie Klitgaard Jungersen // Emelia Koberg and Aurora Westfelt
2019 vinter // Emilie Gregersen // Ofelia Jarl Ortega // Sanna Blennow // Viktor Fröjd
2018 höst //Khamlane Halsackda // Klara Koos-Ek // Emma-Cecilia Ajanki // Memory Wax
2018 sommar // Sanna Blennow // Nidia Martinez Barbieri & Rumiko Otsuka // Elise Brewer
2018 vår // Daniel Persson // Marie Helen Andersson
2018 vinter // Rebecka Berchtold // Robert Logrell
2017 höst // Elise Brewer // KLO productions // Sindri Runudde
2017 Sommar // Rumiko Otsuka & Nidia Martinez Barbieri // We Collective (Jilda Hallin & Lisa Nilsson) // Malin Skoglund & Ingrid Rosborg
2017 Vår // Memory Wax // Eva Dean
2017 Streetresidens // Viktor Fröjd 2016 Höst // Marie Helen Andersson // Maria Naidu & Miguel Cortès
2016 Sommar // Maria Naidu // Rumiko Otsuka & Nidia Martinez Barbieri // Edward Lloyd // Jonas Örknér med gäster från Puerto Rico // Lidia Wos
2016 Vår // Viktor Fröjd, Chris Nypan och Marika Peura // Memory Wax // Jonna Tideman & Nidia Martinez Barbieri
2015 Höst // Mr Rice & peanuts (Sanna Blennow och Robert Logrell)
2015 Sommar // Nidia Martinez Barbieri // Sarah Homewood // Majula Drammeh // Mia Carlsson & Johannes Dalenbäck
2015 Vår // Ingrid Rosborg // Josefin Gladh
2014 Höst // Varietéteatern Barbès 2014 Sommar // Graham Adey, Christine Brorsson & Karl Lindqvist // Nidia Martines Barbieri // Jonna Tideman // Khamlane Halsackda
2013 Vinter //  Maria Naidu // Rebecka Ohlsson
2012  Höst // Linnéa Lindh // Kajsa Sandström och regissör Kevin Doyle
2012 Vår // Sebastian Lingserius // Christine Brorsson & Andy Wong
2019 October Elise Brewer & Stella Geppert
2019 September // Tyra Wigg & Aram Abbas
2019 July // Maria Naidu & Petra van Noort
2019 June // Khamlane Halsackda & Skye Reynolds
2019 January // Michael Tang, Lava Markusson &Alexander Montgomery
2018 December // Rumiko Otsuka & Kunihiko Matsuo
Maura Morales, Silvia Gribaudi, Emma Murray, Seydou Boro, Clarie Cunningham, Peter Jasko, Sun A Lee, Wendy Houstoun, Rodrigo Sobarzo, Hela Fattoumi & Eric Lamoureux, Kaori Ito, TalDans, Michael Jahoda, Erna Ómarsdóttir & Valdimar Jóhannsson
Emilie Gregersen in studio residency, winter 2019.