Mike Gamble

Originally from Hartford, CT, Mike hails from Philadelphia, PA where he garnered most of his training in West African, Hip Hop, Modern, Jazz, House, Breaking and Capoeira. While in Philadelphia he guest performed with Gwendolyn Bye and Dance Del Bello dance companies, choreographed for the Drexel University Dance Ensemble and Dance Team, and was an original founding member of FLOMotion, an international Hip Hop dance company, while also maintaining a career in Marketing and Special Events.

In the summer of 2000, Mike made dance history becoming the first (and only) male to complete the final cuts of the Philadelphia 76ers Dance Team. Mike moved to Los Angeles in 2003 and quickly became active in the commercial industry performing (dancing, acting and modeling) in music videos and commercials including work with artists Leela James, Chris Cornell and India Arie and companies including Target, Nike, Apple/iPod and Reebok. He has also produced, choreographed and directed burlesque companies whom have performed in and around Los Angeles, Reno, Laughlin and Las Vegas and with artists including Panic! At the Disco and R. Kelly, as well as companies including SPIKE TV and Trashy Lingerie.

My style has been described as “Athletic” because of the energy and physicality exuded in the performance and required of myself and my dancers within my movement which pulls foundations rooted from African, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, Commercial/Pop, House, Latin and basic human emotion. There’s a story to be told with a message – my message is to LIVE! Live in the moment, live in the music, live out in life.
Allow yourself to feel.
Allow yourself to dare.
Allow yourself to take risks and stumble or fall, getting right back up and keep on moving.
Just have FUN and DANCE!



PHILOSOPHY OF DANCE (a short version)

Dance without joy and expression just isn’t dance. It’s boring, unappreciative and non-committal – it’s not fun to do nor fun watch. We dance because we like to – we like how music makes us feel, we like how it makes us want to move, we like how it all speaks to us and we like how the audience relates to us from what are bodies are doing and what they are saying.
Dance is a relationship between the music, the choreographer, the dancer and the audience.
Within this relationship are three key/core components that allow us to effectively communicate the story to be told in each moment:
–MUSICALITY; listening to and understanding rhythmical components within music.
–FIGURE; lines, shapes and body language within movement.
–EXPRESSION; energy, character and dynamics within performance.