Michael Tang

Michael Tang was educated from Iwanson school of contemporary dance in 2009 and since then he have danced, taught and choreographed in many places, for people in all ages.
In his career as a dancer he worked with choreographers and companies such as Don Gnu, Regionteater Väst in Borås, Marri Carrasco,
Helena Franzen, Nelson Rodriguez-Smith, Max Stone, René Vinther, Camilla Ekelöf, Charlotte Öfverholm, Lotte sigh, and many others.
Currently  in the rehearsalproces of a pice by Lava Markusson, it premieres in Nuuk this spring.





I give a dynamic contemporary class, where I combine guided improvisations with physical exercises.
The focus is on strength and mobility training and through floorwork technique we discover the bodies possibilities.
My physical goal is to move in many directions and levels and to introduce fluent movement and different textures to the body.