Malin Astner

Malin Astner är utbildad på Danshögskolan i Stockholm där hon tog sin examen 2002.
Hon har sen dess arbetat frilans och inom institution främst som dansare, danspedagog och repetitör.
Malin arbetar sen 2016 på Den Danske Scenekunstskole i Köpenhamn där hon undervisar i dans och koreografi.
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Improvisation 22/11 kl.11.15-13.15


In this session we will, after a tuning in with the group, work on instant compositions and focus on beginnings and endings.
We will dance and talk about the origin of the work and how to understand the dramaturgy during a composition to find the end.




Jean-Louis Huhta is an artist, composer, musician and DJ who specializes in electronic music, percussion,
improvisation and experimental modular synthesizer performances.
He has been a part of the world of techno and acid since the early 90’s.
He has composed for contemporary dance, film and theatre and performed around the world solo and with various projects.