Klara Ek

Sharing session torsdag 24/10 11.15-12.45

I will start with a physical theatre warm-up, wich might incluse using our voice.
We will play and have fun, this part is a presumtion for the next part which could take 10 min as well as up to 60 min!
As long as the group is determined and feel safe with one another.
I want to work with characterising the person dancing.
Each person gets to explore what it’s like to be put in a “crowded place” and seeing things for the first time as their character,
whilst obsticles turns up in front and around them in an obstical course.
I want the group to get close together and together practise a form of technique I call “Round, By, Through”.
It starts with facing one another, then we’ll  slowly build a sequence with the main character trying to fly, crawl or sink through the obsticles.
This is possible if we’re at least 3 dancers participating.
I will try to share my knowledge from what I learnt so far within dance through acting.
Hope seeing you there!