Kirstine Ilum

Kirstine Ilum has slowly moved from the stage to behind the scenes and has worked as a choreographer, teacher, producer, projectmanager, curator, co-founder, rehearsal director, tour manager, editor, driver, administrator, fundraiser, board member and mother. Latest Kirstine has worked with Skånes Dansteater as a Rehearsal Director in 2014 and 15.
Kirstine Ilum is the co-founder and director of the Malmö based dance company Somatic Noise.

“My class is a floorwork based class, bringing in elements from yoga, capoeira and improvisation. We will combine the alignment of the body with the connection to the floor and adding awareness of the breath to accomplish greater strength and explosivity. Simple movement patterns using breath and speed, gradually building up to become more complex and risk taking.”