Keren Rosenberg

Gaga & Choreographic Practices Workshop i samarbete med Dansalliansen och Danscentrum Syd. 8-12 oktober ( v 41)
Monday-friday 11.15 – 15.00 including break.
Daily training open classes Monday-friday with Keren Rosenberg kl 9.30-10.45.

Ansökan sker direkt via Dansalliansens hemsida: anmalan Sista ansökningsdag 30/9.



Keren Rosenberg is a Middle-eastern, Amsterdam based performer | maker | movement researcher.
Through her artistic practice, Keren seeks to articulate a new physical and social-political position of the body and the environment in which it functions.
She explores a physicality that can liquidate the boundaries between the body and the environment, between social skin and the primal body underneath.
Questioning social political and queer contexts while creating interdisciplinary collaborations with artists from the fields of Photography, Film, Design, Sound and Theory.
Keren is also a certified Gaga teacher.

Keren’s works were presented in Sadler’s Wells (UK), Dansstationen (SE), Dutch Chinese Festival (CN), Reykjavik Dance Festival (IS), Malmo Pride Festival (SE),
Amsterdam Dance Event, Amsterdam Fringe Festival, Dansmakers Podium, Dansataliers, Korzo Theater (NL), Machol Acher Festival (IL), Dublin Fringe festival (IE),
Museum of Modern Art Dublin (IE), as well as in venues and theatres in Mexico, Israel, Sweden, The Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, and Ethiopia.

As a movement researcher, Keren was invited in 2011 by Ohad Naharin to study the Gaga movement language and become a certified teacher.
Since then She has been invited to teach Gaga and her Choreographic practice in Professional institutions, dance companies and festivals around Holland, Europe,
Asia, South America, Africa and Australia.
Keren Rosenberg

The workshop will explore the choreographic practice of Keren Rosenberg and her ongoing dialogue with the Gaga movement language.
Every day, we will start with Gaga Dancers classes followed by a movement and choreographic research.
During the workshop we will focus on the use of energy as a mean to generate tension between bodies and as an exercise to measure volumes of presence;
How human energy channels itself in space, the volume of its presence and its ability to transform and expose hidden truths about ourselves as humans and performers.
In the workshop, Keren will be sharing her artistic practice called BODY-HOUSE:
viewing the body as an occupied entity of the self while mapping areas where the sense of presence and connection between the exterior and interior autonomy occurs.
Working with scales of energy, constructing and deconstructing bodily volumes and morphing as a means to play with intention, directions and statements.
Playing with textures, dynamics and timing while seeking for challenging, non- organic solutions.
The workshop will conclude with an open sharing. Video link:

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