Ismaera Takeo Ishi

1999, start dancing. 2000, start break dance.
Win in a competition few times.
2006, start African dance.
Dance in front of the Senegal president.
2011, finalist of Juste Debout.
Also finalist in 2012, 2013 and 2016.
Dance with the dancers from Wanted Posse and Flying Steps.
Work with Carolyn Carlson and David Zambrano.
Invited by Festival Tokyo and Kyoto Hot Summer Festival.
2012, come to Europe.
2017, be Intestine.
Just an improviser loving the intestine.
Not a dancer, not a choreographer, not an artist.
Living with only putting the love in the intestine.
Without eating, without sleeping, without sitting.
Living for putting the love in all the intestine of the world.
Just an intestine lover.

Onsdagen den 10/4 kl.15.30-17.00


Improvisation that everyone can join.
It does not have to be a dancer.
Improvisation that can do in everywhere.
It does not have to be in a theater.
Improvisation that can do everything.
There is no rule, no judgement, no competition.
Anyone can do anything in anywhere at anytime.
Normally the life is like that.
Just living together in this moment.
It is Love & Intestine.