Claire Cunningham and Sindri Runudde in residency through KID – International Dance Program Malmö, made possible through the support of Konstnärsnämnden/Swedish Arts Grants Committee.
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The residency Personal Space is a part of Claire’s project Hermit Crips, a series of residencies with other Disabled artists. Claire and Sindri will exchange choreographic practices informed by their lived experiences of disability.

WELCOME TO SHARING THIS FRIDAY 18 January, 6 pm at Skånes Dansteater. For members only! Sign up if you intend to come:

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First documentation by Christine Brorsson
Two artists. No expectations. Sharing of ideas.
— We make it a method not knowing what will happen, says Sindri.
No expectations opens up the energy.
— We met in a conference in Berlin, interested in each others perspectives within the fields of art, queerness, crip and how that shapes the process. We have different techniques but a common interest in exploring space and spacial awareness, says Claire.
This week Claire and Sindri spend time together in the residency at Skånes Dansteater to exchange choreographic practices, to notice how their perspectives influences the artistic processes within their work of art.

Welcome Claire Cunningham and Sindri Runudde!