Ingrid Rosborg

Sharing session Torsdagen den 3 oktober 11.15-12.45

In the sharing session I would be so happy if people would join me in a creative session to explore “similarities from different perspectives” through experiments and talks.
I hope the session will contribute to artistic stimulation and ideas for everyone taking part.
I look with excitement and feel honoured to have the possibility to elaborate my thought and be challenged in collective setting.

About my coming project
We are both in our thirties, we have about 40 in shoe size, we are both creative, and we have the exact same shoulder hight.
I met my friend Han-Kyul Park in a corridor during a residency in South Korea 2015. Even though we are so different we felt we have so much in common.
There is something very beautiful and poetic about emphasising the similarities when the differences are so obvious.
The following year we we started to talk about a project together.
The project “Same Different Point of View”, about what we and and people in general share or have in common.
Because Han-kyul had to go to the military service for two years the project have been standing still but he is soon finished and the project needs a revival.