Emma -Cecilia Ajanki


I am  a dancer and choreographer from Malmö, Sweden. I lived in Copenhagen, Denmark 2005-2015 and after a few years of floating I am now living in Malmö again.
As a dancer and performer I have collaborated with different choreographers/directors such as:
Hello!Earth (Denmark/Germany), Bojan Jablanovez/Via Negativa (Slovenia), Kitt Johnson (Denmark), Jeremy Nelson (NZ/US),
Two-Women-Machine-Show&Jonathan Bonnici (Denmark/UK), Sara Gebran (Denmark/Venezuela) and Miri Heinrich Horwitz (Germany).
As a dramaturg with Sorcha Kenny (Ireland) and My Grönholdt/MYKA (Sweden/Denmark).
Between the years 2007-2014 I mainly created work under the name The Mob in collaboration with Julia Giertz.
We created black box pieces, site-specific work, concerts and installations.
Our work centered around concepts dealing with feminism and the problems of patriarchy through an emphasis on music, playfulness and
presence and communication with the audience.
I am a member of the Malmö-based performance art collective FÖRDÄRVET.


Dancing Imagination & other ways of being
I’m interested in working from the starting point that the dancer is a sensual being.
Through my previous work I’ve come to collect an array of different methods of “activating” the body and its senses and to allow these to be starting points for dancing.
The body & the mind & its experiences shape a complex cartography of emotions, physical and mental states to dive into and to dance from.
By using imagination, visualisations and stimulation of the senses I’m interested in creating and re-creating different bodies in the same body
and through this work find new grounds from which dance and/or choreography can emerge.
During the classes at Danscentrum Syd I will share these methods, images and bodies to dance with.
The classes will be inspired by the form of gaga in way of structure.
A big focus will also be put on the articulation of the hips, spine and feet and how we relate the inner musicality of our movements to music.
The class runs non-stop from beginning to end while new informations and visualizations are given to take us on a ride inside our own bodies.
Key words are: PLAY, FEEL & ENJOY.