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International Residency with Nadi Gogoulou

Nadi Gogoulou (GR) has arrived for the International residency in Malmö. She works in the studio at Dansstationen 19-23/11, at Danscentrum Syd 26-30/11 and at Dansstationen 10-14/12.

Workshop at Danscentrum Syd for dancers to join: 27-28/11  at 11-13 o’clock

Breakfast talk Danscentrum Syd for everyone interested: 29/11 at 08.30, followed by open rehearsal in the studio from 10 o’clock. Please tell us if you are coming so that we can plan the breakfast: jeanette.thuresson@danscentrum.se

Open showing at Dansstationen 14/12 at 15.30 o’clock.

All activities are free of charge for participants. Follow Christine Brorssons documentation of the residency here.

Nadi Gogoulou working with colleague Natalia Baku.