Rebecca Weingartner and Benjamin Lindh Medin Photo Susanna Drescher

WINTER STUDIO RESIDENCY at Danscentrum Syd is open for members of Danscentrum Syd only.

When: 27 December 2019 – 5 January 2020
Application deadline: 2/12
You will have an answer by: 6/12
There is no open showing of this residency.

Included: free studio time in the middle studio (10 x 10,5 meter), equipped with sound system, lights, dance mat and mirrors. You also get the possibility to book technique from Teknikpoolen if needed (not on days of national holidays, which may occur during winter residency). In connection to the studio there is also wi-fi, kitchen, dressing rooms ans showers.

Applications are made with a project description (not more than one A4) and a motivation letter (not more than one A4). Send your application to

Danscentrum Syd is located at Bergsgatan 29, Malmö. We look forward to your application!

Aurora Westfelt and Emelia Koberg at the spring residency 2019