Anton Valdbauer


Workshop in collaboration with Dansalliansen. Daily training 9.30-11.00 and Workshop 11.30-16.00 inc lunchbreak 30 min. 14 – 18 october. The registration is open and the last registration date is 10 of October!!
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Anton Valdbauer was born in Vorkuta Russia.
Completed his dance education in Academy of Russian Ballet name of Vaganova in Sankt Petersburg and Hochschule Für Music Und Darstelende Kunste Frankfurt.

Started his dance career in European Ballet London and State Opera and Ballet of Republic Komi Russia where danced as a principal dancer in both classical and modern productions.
In 2006 won Diploma for his debut choreography “6 seconds” in 10th International Ballet Competition in Moscow.
Since then his choreography works where performed in Russian,Netherlands,France,Spain and Sweden.
In 2006 has joined Netherlands Dance Theatre 2.
And since then has danced with Cullberg Ballet and Netherlands Dance Theatre 1.
Currently is a 1st soloist with Royal Swedish Ballet under directorship of Nicolas Le Riche.
During 10 years has performed works by world leading choreographers such as Jiri Killian, Mats Ek,
Ohan Naharin, Chrystal Pite, Marco Goecke, Johan Inger, Sharon Eyal, Alex Ekman, Sasha Waltz and many more.
With whom has worked closely and participated in numerous world premiers.
Started his teaching career in 2012 at Danscentrum Stockholm where soon became regular teacher.
Since then lead numerous workshop and summer courses in Sweden,Russia,Germany and Spain.
In 2016 was selected as one of the “fellows” for Pina Bausch Foundation Fellowship Program for Developing Arts with his project of collaborating with theatre group Familie Flöz from Berlin. During which he explored the world of physical theatre and mask plays.
His latest choreography work is “Vulpe” a solo piece that combines contemporary dance, physical theatre and mask.



Daily training 9.30-11.00 Class description:

My classes are a combination of various contemporary dance techniques I have aquired during my career so far.
Using Improvisation as a foundation, my classes allow the participant to explore movement and experiment with body language in different ways.
Alongside improvisation work principles from choreoraphers such as Crystal Pite, Ohad Naharin and Jiri Kylian, all with whom I have worked closely, will be introduced to help further aid the understanding and awareness of the body while in motion.
During warm up section we will work with entire structure of the body preparing muscles, bones and nervous system for further deeper approach.
Then we will move to more physical section working on the strength, coordination, energy and stamina.
In the last part of the class we will work with other body’s. First in couples, then in smaller groups and finish with bigger groups exercises
which will challenge our imagination, improvisation skills and open doors to finding new unknown qualities.
We will work on leading points, tension levels and have a strong emphasis on pure physical theatre approach during my classes.
We will play physical and mental games and use approach of learning thought playing. Connecting to our “inner child” and use this as a base for experiments and exploration.
Overall class structure will prepare the body to further work during the day on various dance styles, and as well provide good mental and emotional state for the dancers.


Workshop 11.30 – 16.00 inc lunchbreak 30 min.


During the workshop part dancers will have the chance to meet with various approaches to improvisation in dance and creating dance material.
We will explore theatrical elements and tools and discover how we can engage this technics in dance.
What can be a starting point for creating dance?
Differences and similarities between Stanislavsky and Meyerhold training technic and benefits of them in dance world.
We will work on such elements as isolation, tension and its manifestation, content and dynamics inside of dance improvisation, using this methods to create out own choreography by the end of the week.
We will split the workshop in two blocks each day.
1 block- repertoire work of Mats Ek and Johan Inger
2 block- improvisation/choreography tools/experiments.