Antoinette Helbing

Antoinette Helbing graduated in 2008 from the ArtEZ Dansacademi Arnhem.
Already during her studies she made her first professional experiences as a guestdancer of the Citytheatre Görlitz, where she became company member from 2008 until 2010.
Since 2010 Antoinette works as a freelance dancer and choreographer – dancing amongst others with Kitt Johnson, Aabendans Productions Roskilde (Thomas Eisenhardt/Catherine Poher)
and Tina Taarpgard. Besides that she focusses mainly on developing her own approach towards choreography –
for example with the creation of the solo-piece, Mir schwant, es wandelt…sich“ that won the first price in the Interface-Festival Görlitz in 2011
and her latest piece “How to be/loved” that toured through Holland, Russia and Denmark.


I give a contemporary class with a strong focus on floor work techniques.
Central questions are how to move the center in space efficiently,
how to travel on the floor in order to gain as much space in the room as possible and how to use the limbs, especially hands and arms, in relation to the rest of body to help the center travel.
We start by a gentle warm up on the floor.
Some days this might have the form of a guided improvisation through a couple of movement qualities that are useful on the floor, and other days it consists of calm exercises to warm up the synovial liquid in the joints and to slowly get the spine moving. Next is a research on the sequential order of body parts to find a natural flow of movement and to use only the amount of energy that is really needed to execute a movement.
In the middle of the class we have a section of strengthening exercises and phrases for the core and the arms – since they are essential to floor work. With the power just gained we improvise on going into and out of the floor playing with different kinds of movement qualities, movement principles and impulses, as well as elements of contact improvisation. Towards the end of the class we work on movement phrases that gather all the aspects that we’ve been touching throughout the whole class, especially going in and out of the floor and travelling through the whole room.