Meet Joanna Kotze and Jonathan Allen

Welcome to open showings of work by choreographer Joanna Kotze and visual artist Jonathan Allen – now in residency through International Dance Program, supported by Konstnärsnämnden, organised at Dansstationen in Malmö and Danscentrum Syd.
After the showing there is an artist talk with Joanna Kotze, Jonathan Allen and the choreographer Rachel Tess.

• Open showing and artist talk (Joanna Kotze, Jonathan Allen and Rachel Tess)
Tuesday 11th of February at 6 – 8 pm.
Where: Dansstationen Palladium, Södergatan 15, Malmö
Please R S V P to beforehand and be there 5.45-5.55 pm.

Open showing (Joanna Kotze and Jonathan Allen)
Friday 21th of February at 5 – 7 pm.
Where: Danscentrum Syd, Kulturhuset Mazetti, Bergsgatan 29, Malmö. Drinks and snacks are served! Welcome.

• Art exhibition: The solo show LIVE FROM NEW YORK by Jonathan Allen
Where: MOLEKYL GALLERY Båstadsgatan 4, Malmö
LIVE FROM NEW YORK features new and existing mixed media works responding to the recent history, current events and political climate in the United States of America.


JOANNA KOTZE is a Brooklyn-based dancer, choreographer and teacher. She was awarded the 2013 New York Dance and Performance “Bessie” Award for Outstanding Emerging Choreographer and has received support from the Jerome Foundation and others. Joanna creates new works for both professional companies and students and has had residencies throughout USA and Europe. Joanna teaches regularly at Movement Research and at various universities throughout USA.

JONATHAN ALLEN’s visual arts practice is regularly informed by collaboration, performance, and site specificity. Allen’s experience collaborating with choreographer Joanna Kotze has had a direct influence on his creative practice. In 2017 Allen and Kotze worked and performed in residence at Milvus Artistic Research Center (MARC) in Kivik, and now (2020) they have returned to Sweden to work in residence for 3 weeks at the International Dance Programme Malmö. Allen will continue to Knislinge, for a 1 week residency at MARC.

KID – Konstnärsnämndens Internationella Dansprogram –is organised in Malmö through Danskollegiet Skåne–Dansstationen, Danscentrum Syd, Skånes Dansteater, Memory Wax, Inkonst and Rachel Tess. More information about the KID residencies: