Emilie Gregersen

SHARING SESSION torsdagen den 14 November 11.15-12.45.


I wish to share some practices that I’ve come across while working on a solo ’TOUCH’ that I’m currently developing. Since I started the work during a residency at Dans Centrum Syd, I thought it would make perfect sense to come back and share my practice / work.
A bit about the work:
In a time where touch of skin often is replaced by the touch of screens, an extended field of tension is appearing between intimacy and distance. This friction between intimacy and distance is the inter-relational plane in which, I wish to explore touch through.
I’m interested in the affect and felt sense of touch. At the moment I’m reading “Politics of Touch: Sense, Movement, Sovereignty” by Erin Manning – and these lines stroke me:
“To touch is to feel the perceived limits of my contours, my surfaces, my body in relation to yours.
To touch is to expand these contours, creating new perimeters. We share our surface in the moment of touch, we interrupt ourselves” p. 13
In the session we’ll be attending to these encounters between touch and surface, surface and surface, touch and touch.
Lending our surfaces to other surfaces. Using the hands as sensors, letting them slide and surf surfaces.
Moving and navigating through touch. On top of this, I’m curious about how touch can be distorted by layering it with different intentions, directions and fictions.