Ime Essien

Ime Essien is of Nigerian origin and raised in Germany. She was educated at the École Francaise de Ballet in Bonn, Germany, and at the New York City Dance School Stuttgart. Her career led her to the Dutch company Conny Janssen Danst…in Rotterdam (NL), followed by Charleroi Dance/ Plan K in Belgium and the Tanzcompagnie Giessen under the direction of Roberto Galván. There she started as an assistant to Galván. This was followed by a 7-year engagement as rehearsal director and teacher of the contemporary dance company NorrDans in Härnösand, Sweden. She assisted, restaged and accompanied creations of several renown choreographers such as Rui Horta, Steven Petronio, Jo Strømgren, Allen Kaeja, Ted Stoffer, Uri Ivgi, Roberto Zappalà and many more. During the season 2011/12 she joined Skånes Dansteater in Malmö/ Sweden as artistic rehearsal director and ensemble coach.

Ime Essien works internationally as modern/ contemporary dance teacher and coach in authentic performance. Furthermore, she keeps developing a platform for essential learning and teaching/ rehearsing for professional dancers/ dance makers. The class, musically and technically challenging, combines the various modern/ contemporary styles enhancing the consciousness of how they relate to and reinforce each other.

“The class is designed to support the need for dancers to be highly versatile, competent and well trained in various styles. In the same time, the class means to warm up for the day both on a physical and artistic level. The class is technically, mentally and rhythmically challenging and varies according to the needs of the work place. From the dance technical perspective. I combine several aspects: Ballet, the Cunningham placement & coordination, the swinging quality of Limón, and Release on the floor, all generously moving through space. The goal is for the dancers to make use of each, while being conscious of how they strengthen, relate to, and reinforce one another.”