Three modules to immerse in choreographic work and practices in a group format. Each module contains two meetings. Robert Logrell guides the group in gathering choreographic practices and apply them in a lab environment. Work in the studio is supplemented by an assignment.

Robert Logrell received his diploma in dance and choreography at The Danish National school of Performing Arts 2011 and is working as a choreographer and dancer. If you have any questions about the meetings, contact Robert: +46 (0)72-546 74 19.

The modules are part of the term card for daily training at Danscentrum, or takes one clip from your punch ticket.

Note! Limited amount of participants – sign up at


Modul 1: Anatomy – the body as anarchist

Part 1: Wednesday 14 February 11.15 – 15.00 (with lunch break)

Part 2: Wednesday 21 February 11.15 – 15.00 (with lunch break)


Modul 2: Charging and channelizing

Part 1: Wednesday 21 March 11.15 – 15.00 (with lunch break)

Part 2: Wednesday 18 April 11.15 – 15.00 (with lunch break)


Modul 3: Interdisciplinary work

Part 1: Wednesday 9 May 11.15 – 15.00 (with lunch break)

Part 2: Wednesday 30 May 11.15 – 15.00 (with lunch break)